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Snowshoeing at Paradaise Point, Mt Raininer, 20-Feb-2010

What a perfect way to start the trekking season! A short trip to Mt. Rainier for snowshoeing was fun: sun and clear skies is a tough combination to see in Seattle at this time! Thanks to Sheetal-Ajoy for looping me in this trip. And thanks to everybody else, for making me feel part of the pack!

Photos are _best_ viewed at 100% full zoom so that your monitor's anti-aliasing doesn't ruin the beauty of the photos. If the photo doesn't look great, it is most likely your monitor, try zooming in. Best viewed at highest-res on big monitor!

Read more about Rainier at Wikipedia.

Coming soon... a related post on my blog.

Meanwhile enjoy the photos below...

  1. View Online: Picasa Album (with captions!)
  2. Photos in Picasa Album for download as single zip file (60 mb)
  3. Sliding Photos for download as single zip file (ones not present in above links) (40 mb)
  4. Panoramas for viewing (these files are really big!)
  5. Panoramas for download as single zip file (24 mb)
  6. Photos from Ajoy's camera (52 mb)

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