Ramblings about myself...

Atul Talesara

Time for some Introspection...

A 101 things I figured about myself. (The list has grown beyond 101, but I still call it so!)

One fine day I was blog-strolling and read this post: 55 things about me. And was instantly charged to make my own. After rambling on for few weeks I came up with this short list. It is far from complete, but a good start nonetheless. If nothing else, you should write down yours in your own little private book. It's an excellent introspective exercise.

  1. I love to start numbering from zero instead of one
  2. I love to take photographs wherever I go
  3. I love harmony
  4. I love martial arts
  5. I can eat same food, day-in-day-out and not get bored
  6. I can listen to same song non-stop in loop for days and still enjoy it. This freaks out all my buddies :)
  7. I can't live without access to my linux box. If you want to torture me then give me a system without a command-line-shell. If you understand what I'm talking about then you are one of us ;-)
  8. If you strike the right chord with me, I can ramble on and on for hours
  9. When I'm tensed, I like to watch movies or meditate
  10. I rate higher on nerd and geek scale than on social scale (not that I'm anti-social by any standards)
  11. I can't cheat others
  12. I love Linux
  13. I hate to suffocate my feet inside shoes, so you will often see me roaming around bare-footed
  14. I prefer to tour a place that is sparsely crowded
  15. If GOD asked me do you believe in Angels? I would say 'Yes, my Mommy'
  16. I believe that surviving in this world requires you to be extremely mean and exceedingly cunning, yet I refuse to adopt to that kind of life style
  17. I would rather sit alone on my a$$ with a book than booze and party
  18. I would rather play exhausting sport than sit on my a$$ and read a book
  19. I love the fragrance of wet mud
  20. I like to dream
  21. I am a teetotaler, and this bugs a lot of my buddies
  22. If God gave me power to remove any 3 vices from world, I would remove:
    • Politicians/Politics
    • Greed and
    • Jealousy
  23. In my view breathing techniques are the most advanced form of exercises. I have been trained in a few of these techniques, and some day I'll learn and master the advanced forms of them.
  24. I am amongst the category of 'Early to Sleep And Early to Rise'. And quite a few of my buddies hate me for this
  25. I don't like to celebrate my birthdays.
    I think I'm too afraid of celebrations, that is why you will rarely see me carousing at parties, etc.
    As to WHY... I don't know yet. One fine morning I was introspecting as why can't I be normal like everyone else and enjoy birthdays, parties, dancing, etc. After much deliberation a voice came from the deep sub-conscious.. 'You are scared of celebrations, Atul!' I gasped in utter disbelief. I sat there for few minutes, only to realize to my horror that it was every bit TRUE! OK, don't psycho-analyze me too much!
  26. I love to write on paper with my 0.5mm mechanical pencil
  27. I am exceedingly choosy about my writing instruments, there is only one brand of mechanical-pencils I trust "Faber Castle" and lately Rotring
  28. I love oil pastel crayons
  29. I am very economical in using most of the resources at my disposal
  30. Cutting me off from my email is another way to torture me :)
  31. I am religious, but not orthodox
  32. Usually, I don't tend to worry about what you think of me, unless you are someone very important in my life
  33. I have few close friends
  34. I love chocolates, in anything and everything (Note: You can bribe me chocolates into doing almost anything)
  35. Steaming hot cup of ginger-cardamom-pepper milk-tea is my favourite beverage.
    And my Mommy's love transforms it into ambrosia.
  36. Lately I have developed a taste and passion for green/white teas
  37. Cold coffee (decaf and light) with ice-cream comes next (but unlike the other 2, I don't place this in the category of healthy beverages)
  38. Amongst flowers, I love the fragrance of Jasmine and Lavender
  39. My bedroom will always smell good
  40. I like neat-n-tidy bed with a crease-less sheet on it (just like you see in your hotel rooms)
    Yet I prefer sleeping on hard-surface, with just a quilt between me and the floor :)
  41. I love my books and take great care of them. In fact I'm too emotional about my books.
  42. You can easily win my wrath by mis-handling my books
  43. I detest using pencils as bookmarks, dog-earing pages, or even carelessly marking lines without a ruler
  44. You will always hear soft soothing ambient music playing in my room
  45. I am practitioner of subtlety (I don't even know what that means! But hey, what's life without a curve ball!)
  46. I am very optimistic about my pessimism
  47. My Belief:
  48. If faith in ourselves had been more extensively taught and practiced, I am sure a very large portion of the evils and miseries that we have would have vanished
  49. I'm a student of practice (just as one of my profs is Professor of the Practice)
  50. I think good algorithms should be like bikinis... saving people a lot of guesswork
  51. I hate deadlines to the CORE! Because it's not the end result that I'm interested in, it's the journey that's more exciting to me! That's where the learning happens.
  52. As a kid, I had a fetish for fancy cigarette boxes
  53. For me, there's no such thing as watching too much movie, nor drinking too much tea and playing too much football or volleyball!
  54. To me, there's a HUGE difference between coding & programming
  55. I trust most of the real programmers code in vim (link)
  56. To me, there's no such thing as a Stupid Question (only unless, the intention of question is to show your participation)
  57. I believe You only see what you want to see
  58. I am big proponent of believing in instincts, I think it's far superior than a conditioned intellect! But it is extremely difficult to live by it.
  59. I have come to believe that no good deed goes unpunished (link)
  60. I love Huffman encoding
  61. Smiles can work wonders (link)
  62. I'm extremely intolerant of songs and music not suiting my taste, including loud music
  63. After vibrant red, deep bottle green color is my favorite. Followed by beige, maroon, violet and fuchsia.
  64. I love camo design
  65. I either forgive you in an instant, or never for the rest of my life. But either way you won't figure it out easily.
  66. I'm not a loner, but from time to time I need some time alone to re-contemplate the meaning of life
  67. Body odor is a BIG turn-off to me
  68. I think a lot about money, but I'm NOT money minded
  69. I live thriftily, for most part
  70. Lack of personal hygiene is another BIG turn off
  71. Girl's beautiful long hair turn me on :) And if the hair smell good, I can go head-over-heels :-P
  72. Girls look cute when they wear over-sized pull-overs and carry themselves gracefully
  73. Too much arrogance is a deterrent
  74. I prefer to wear unfashionable comfortable clothes over smart looking unwieldy ones
  75. I preach respect for all living beings around us, not just humans, which kind of tells you I'm a hardcore vegetarian.
  76. The text I read, if not grammatically perfect, should at the least not have any misspellings. Be it emails, article, newspaper, or even IM chat.
  77. I might look exceptionally unruffled in most pensive of situations, but that does not necessarily always reflect my inner state
  78. I have a BAD temper, and I'm thankful that only a handful few have ever seen it
  79. Sometimes I believe I think more than I should, more thoughtful than I should be
  80. From time to time, I can become too centered, giving an impression that I'm oblivious of the existence of rest of the world. This is kind of unnerving to people around me
  81. I have a fetish for Japanese machines, esp. Japanese cars
  82. I love everything my Mommy cooks for me
  83. I don't mind doing stupid reckless things with my close friends around
  84. I don't believe in astrology too much. It is an approximate science, though. Nonetheless, many a times I'm tempted to believe I'm a true Libran.
  85. If I don't talk to you in a while, that doesn't mean I'm pissed off at you, and neither that I don't care for you.
  86. I view cricket as a Pregnant Men's Game! I can't come to terms that it is a religion in my country.
    To me, it is the MOST wasteful of sports, after Golf.
  87. People who don't know me think I'm shy. And people who do know me wish I were!
  88. I usually tend to infer more about a person from the way [s]he talks of others than he talks of himself
  89. At times I can be the most boring living creature on the planet. But thank GOD I can't stay that way too long :)
  90. I myself sometimes believe that my laptop is my better half!
  91. I can go on for the day with just a breakfast and apple juice a smoothie!
  92. When tired, a splash of ice-cold water on face works miracles on me
  93. I can't go to bed without brushing my teeth and reading a book
  94. I love to collect coffee/tea mugs, one day I'll have a nice collection
  95. Love the ancient Japanese art of paper folding, aka Origami
  96. I love arcane regular expressions
  97. I hate using a mouse, so I configure my system to let me use keyboard for almost everything
  98. I love ThinkPad's trackpoint
  99. I hate Alcohol, mostly for alcohol-induced frivolity
  100. I can laugh alone (of course, not without a reason!)
  101. I have learned and believe that we are totally responsible-n-accountable for and often have to pay above and beyond for our actions and what we do; unless if we are celebrities or politicians or big-a$$ industrialists
  102. I have come to believe with my heart-and-soul in something that can been aptly summarized by Jonas Salk's incredibly profound and well-thought quote...
    If all the insects on earth disappeared, within 50 years all life on earth would disappear.
    But on other hand, if all humans disappeared, within 50 years all species would flourish as never before!

    This is an excellent summary of the state of mankind (I hate to use the suffix 'kind' in this context!) as I see it today and for a foreseeable future.
  103. I don't mind wearing lightly soiled clothes through the day (frankly, I don't care at all), but I need the cleanest of clothes when I activate the snooze button at my slumber.
  104. I spend more time digging and fixing what is not right within me, than I spend enjoying what is good in me. I believe it helps me make a better me as days pass by, but at the same time I miss out on enjoying the good things in me. While it helps me make me "the me" I am, I don't necessarily see this as a good thing. Neither am I actively working at fixing it :-S
  105. Under the mature, unruffled and composed demeanour of mine, is a soul in eternal search for peace and harmony and an overly inquisitive and curious child trained and unwilling to settle for anything mediocre
  106. I mistrust all expert opinions
  107. I'm a man of simple and little pleasures
      ... the list is growing ...